How it Works

Ok Folks, this is how it works.
I'm no big timer, so it's all personal, one-on-one transactions through PayPal

-If you see an available toy you would like to purchase, email me at:
(include your: Name, the toy you want (put it in the email title as well), and your shipping address)

-If it is still available (as in I'm not waiting for someone else to pay) I will email back as such, and give you 24 hours to pay, VIA PayPal.
(my PayPal email is the same as my personal one:


-Check my Etsy shop: Etsy Shop

-When I receive the payment, I will change the availability on the site from Available to Sold, and ship it out to you within 5 working day.

-I will then send you an email with the tracking number and thus ends the transaction.

For any questions, please contact me at:

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